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Top 5 Reasons to Be a Seat Filler

  You've heard about them...   The people that get to attend Award Shows. A celebrity leaves their seat and that person fills it so the audience always looks full.   Seat Fillers   They get to rub shoulders with celebrities and attend these major...

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Seat Fillers Wanted in Jacksonville

  Jacksonville Seat Fillers Wanted   Over the past few years, we here at OTL the Comp Ticket Underground have tried to describe our membership club in many ways. We’ve tried “Live Events Membership”, like “Netflix for Live Events”, “Free Tickets to Ticketed...

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Frugal Living or Just Love a Good Bargain?

Living well on a budget takes some work, but we've done the research for you. Hold aside just $11.99 and we've got your Jacksonville entertainment and social life covered for an entire month! And, no, we're not going to offer you a list of free events... On the List...

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No.. not discount tickets… Free Tickets

Try and try as we may... we still have yet to convey...   OTL the Seat Filler Membership Club is FREE Tickets for Ticketed Events   Like Netflix but for Live Events... Monthly Subscriptions are 11.99 a month for a two seat membership and then members pay...

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How to Score Free Tickets & Discounts

A quick guide to beating your entertainment budget and filling up your social calendar again Do you remember the first concert you ever attended?...  The first play you saw?  How about the first symphony, ballet or other live performance?  For most of us, these types...

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