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A Free Ticket Club. Members receive private invitations to amazing local shows and events!

  • No commitment - cancel anytime
  • Tickets for your guest(s) too
  • Theatre, Comedy, Music, and more
  • A month of dues (all tickets included) is less than ONE movie ticket

Fun Things to Do

Anyone who is looking for things to do doesn't typically search for "seat filler clubs." But, OTL has been around for more than five years now in 15 cities across the United States, as well as in London.

OTL Seat Fillers

Members pay $11.99 (or less) club dues only. They never pay for individual tickets, and they treat their guests as well.


Tickets are reserved in the OTL member area. But, tickets are picked up at the Box Office right before the curtain rises.

Private Invitations

OTL Seat Fillers typically receive a few private invitations each month. But, members understand that there are busier and slower periods. As soon as a theatre or show venue issues comp tickets, reservations can be made in the member area.

Ideal Seat Filler Members

Happy members know that part of the fun is seeing what pops up even if it’s a last minute opportunity. They're excited to experience a wide variety of shows as invited guests.

Unlike Award Show Seat Fillers

OTL members aren’t filling a seat and then getting up and moving around. They’re supporting local theatre companies and other venues by trying something new. They attend with a guest or two (also free). They're there to enjoy the show, just like every other audience member!

Let Us Tell You More About the Club

OTL Memberships

Memberships Auto Renew, but Members Can Cancel Anytime

About OTL Seat Fillers

Since 2014

Membership CLUBS

OTL (On the List) is a membership club and not a business. We don't have millions of members. Instead, we have hundreds or a few thousand members in each of our cities. We keep things smaller and more intimate so members get a chance to reserve show tickets and not have to try to beat their fellow members to the punch. Members belong to a club and are not using a ticket broker service. Tickets are always free, but shows depend on the needs of OTL's awesome entertainment partners who, first and foremost, need to sell as many as possible.

Our Vision

Since day one, our little family and friend team that works diligently to establish new entertainment partners has been proud of the win-win component that's the hallmark of seat filler clubs.
Our partners receive free seat filling services, which are private and easy. No one knows that seats are occupied by OTL members who are on the "comp list." Members make great audience members, buy food, beverage, and merchandise, and tell friends about the top-notch entertainment.
OTL members get the benefit of free show tickets that have, at times, exceeded 100.00 each. No, there won't always be shows available. Some months, there may only be one or two posted. But, just a few shows more than pay for a year's worth of dues. Members don't just receive one free ticket, as their guest(s) are free too!

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